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Some think
around corners

some won't
help stumbling

around. Corners
honestly don't

help. Stumbling
home, drunk,

(honestly, don't
do that)

you go

do that
thing where

you go,
"You're mine,

thing. Where
you go,

you're mine."
You are

you. Go
live life.

You are
allowed to

live (life
rules). You're

allowed to
change the

rules. You're
living: means

change. The
majorities say,

"Living means
X." Fuck

majorities. Say,
"I love

V, fuck
two souls

I love...
more than

two souls."
I accept

more than
admit. What

I accept:
some won't

admit what
some think.
V: An Epic Pantoum
So, you may recall my polyamory piece Threesome where I did a pantoum with three words per line. Here we take it up a notch: two words per line. I've often wondered what one word per line would look like, but I don't know, seems like madness lies that way. There's already a fair bit of, to be very kind, poetic phrasing in this piece (though I am surprised by some of the natural tone achieved in moments). I think a one word per line pantoum requires a justification I can't yet fathom.

Anyway, a V, in the poly world, is a relationship aspect where one person with a primary lover has a secondary lover who does not engage sexually with the other primary. Straightforward, right? Well, I've known enough people who've engaged in these scenarios to know it's never that simple, open-minded as we all wish to be. Hearts are still sensitive as hearts. My partner's been stung by her fair share of Vs, and though I like to think I've always been a wise and magnanimous primary, the worst part is seeing her get hurt by jerks and taking on that pain myself and being somewhat powerless to stymie the flow of her pain (it frequently has nothing to do with me). A secondary is by definition not a primary, but polyamory means the ability to love multiple people, not merely the ability to screw multiple people. So when secondaries desire primaries of their own (and who can blame them?), hearts break...or at least, that's what you're worried will happen. What actually happens is, in my experience, far more convoluted and bizarre, which only makes the heartache the stranger and more horrific to bear. 

One evolving relationship is its own wrestle. Multiple relationships require a level of zen beyond what we have stories to teach and learn from. Some in the field have used the narrative of the love between family members, or the love between soldiers or teammates, to help bridge the gap in understanding, but I think it requires a far more pioneering ambition than that to take on this lifestyle. And not to imply that it's been some great joy being such a pioneer, but I won't stop trying to offer my narrative. I hope it helps.

Oh, and, yes, if you noticed the Stephen King reference, that was indeed borrowed from him. I've always loved the idea of people "thinking around corners."
The black of their blackened faces,
the white of their whitened faces,

and hard within the heart of each:
the broad that brought them to the breach.

A writhing trudge through thicks of rank--
the strafe of jet, the straight of tank,

the bend of spy--to die less grieved,
these desperados, dumbly cleaved

by generals barely better brained--
just schooled enough to act unchained.

The sad and stalest sport of all:
uncrooked by that colleen's call

to vie, evolve, and save the day
as only colleens can, I say.
Sixteen Desperados: A Riddle
If someone guesses the riddle, I'll speak more about the themes. 

'Til then I'll just say this one's the result of a recent project I've undertaken: compiling every poem I ever wrote into one chronologic database. I didn't mean to go fishing for inspiration, I just meant to make poems easier to find. I've written literally thousands over the years, the vast majority of which are, obviously, unpublishable, but hey, an infinite number of monkeys...will someday get better at whatever it is they're doing.

Oh, it was also inspired by watching The Hateful Eight over thirty times in the last six months.

This one couldn't be more different than the same-named piece that inspired it--it originally had nothing to do with (oblique) trans issues--but the answer is the same, if a little on the easy side. Also, that original piece was among the first two dozen poems I ever wrote, way back in 1997.

Come on people! Guess it! I wanna blab!
Focus on the hand,
The hand holds the hat.
When the neck limps down
And when the eyes close

The hand holds the hat.
It’s never heavy.
And when the eyes close,
Falling copper rain.

It’s never heavy.
Pooling pockets of
Falling copper rain,
It tastes like coffee.

Pooling pockets of
Acid in the mouth,
It tastes like coffee
Left out seven days.

Acid in the mouth,
Heavy like a head
Left out seven days
In the sun’s huge light:

Heavy like a head
When the neck limps down
In the sun’s huge light.
Focus on the hand.
The Beggar's Pantoum
I've never understood the impulse in society to create and nurture the existence of poverty. I suppose there was a time when all most people could handle planning around was their own survival, and the survival of their kindred. Are we past that yet? Obviously, the lower and some of the middle classes can be, but there's a lot of ground to cover convincing the masters of fortune, the 1%ers, to humble themselves to share control of human fate with the rest of us. 

As the temperature's finally become tolerable day-round here in frosty Toronto, the hobos and their kin are finally getting a little more comfortable panhandling, and I've been seeing some sorry souls. One man in particular inspired this piece. He looked to be entirely out of it, back against a parking meter, half asleep, but somehow able to keep this dingy little baseball cap afloat in the air before him. It struck me just how singular this man's focus had to be to sustain his commitment to this lifestyle. I know how hard slave-waging it can be, especially when seemingly better, if riskier, opportunities lay just around the corner. I try to give as often as I can, but there's just way too many beggars in Toronto (or Vancouver, where I recently lived) to give to everyone. 

Maybe if we come to see begging as work, the way we're coming to look at stay at home moms, we'll finally treat beggars with the respect they deserve. Personally, I'd rather smash our culture of "hard work" idolatry, but I don't see that going anywhere anytime soon. 

A note on the construction: I know I've twisted some noses with my unique pantoum style in the past, so I wanted to write one that adhered more closely to the traditional style. Although I think my usual style is way more of a feat than this, I did find sticking to hard lines, not changing the punctuation, and keeping the four-line stanzas, a bit of a challenge.

Check out betwixtthepages and her new title poem, Tell Me What You've Gone and Done Now, a poem comprised entirely of devART poem titles! Pretty swanky, I think you'll agree. A title of mine is in the mix, is one of yours? I guess you'll just have to go see to find out...!
  • Listening to: Kavinsky - Nightcall
  • Reading: Doctor Sleep - Stephen King
  • Watching: Meet the Fokkens (Documentary)
  • Playing: Mario Kart Wii and Dungeon Keeper
  • Eating: Falafel
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Joe Girard
Artist | Varied
Here's my interview with PoeticalCondition, after I was elected Poet of the Month: poeticalcondition.deviantart.c…

And here's my feature from when NicBelroque named me Daily Lit Deviant:…

As an actor, I've performed for the queen of England. As a film-maker, I've participated in several film festivals, placing first in the Toronto Art Festival 2006, in the digital film category. As a zen gardener, my designs have appeared in the Absorb art show.

My poems and short stories have been published in journals and magazines across north America, on and offline. On devART I've received one Daily Literature Deviation commendation for the poems:

Self-Made Men (…)
The 1998 Housefire At 198 Wentworth Street South (…)
Untitled: A Sonnet Told In Titles (…)
Piano Armageddon: An Image Poem (…)

Daily Deviations were awarded for the poems:

Come Home (…)
The Craven (…)

And my music has appeared on radio stations and at concert halls in numerous countries across North America and Europe. I've written music for the bands Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers, Hobo Sapiens, Uvenburd, and my eponymous solo project.

An anthology of short stories, In the Wings: Stories of Forgotten Women, edited by Bernadette Rule, includes my short story The Changeling (unavailable on devART, sorry :3). In the Wings was published by Seraphim Editions and is in its third printing. Other magazines I've been featured by include Switchback, WTF, The Perceptive I,, and In My Bedroom magazine, among others.

Most recently, In My Bedroom magazine published my piece Threesome (…) in their Vol 4 Issue 2 release, Menage a Trois.

If you've enjoyed reading my popular works featured around devART, may I recommend the following others as highlights that had people talking:

The Horse-Fall: A Villanelle (…)
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Here's a few more poems that are personal favourites of mine:

Dead Skin Deep (…)
The Werewolf Monologue (…)
Stitches: A Sonnet (…)

Here's a collection of my forty most favourited zen gardens:

The Gates of Moria…
Zenstellation Series: Ursa Major…
Cherry Blossom Modern Art…
Elemental Cycle Pt. 1: Water…
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And if you like nature art, here's the one's fans liked best:

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Tower of Pebel…
Rock Out…

And here's some highlights from my dabbling in origami:

Eastern Dragon…
Neko Cat…

Current Residence: Ottawa
Favourite genre of music: Percussive
Favourite photographer: Edward Burtynsky, maybe. Gregory Crewdson?
Favourite style of art: Nature Art
Favourite cartoon character: Calvin. Or Homestar Runner.
Personal Quote: Familiarity breeds birth defects.


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